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Studio for the Arts.

A fantastic picture by one Humbled Pie, but what really caught my attention in this blogger’s posts was the page “S.S. Del Sud.”.  Within are a myriad of photo’s of the blog author’s father, and his life aboard a merchant navy vessel in the late 50’s.  Normally, these kind of pages have no interest for me beyond the aesthetic: but these pictures, and the story they tell when put together, have a raw emotional quality all their own. The cinematic faded hues, the genuine poses, the snapshot into a life incomprehensible is just so fantastically tangible in some pictures, that you feel the life is someone else’s, someone you knew and cared about.

A good photography blog will have images that not only ensnare the imagination, but also play out a distinct narrative all their own. That is the genius of a a…

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