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When I was about eight years old and my best friend’s mom would get mad at her, she would threaten to send her to “Tough Love”. Tough Love was supposedly a place where bad children were sent to learn discipline by way of extremely long hikes, sleep deprivation, and going to the bathroom outdoors -basically, camping. Even now if you want to motivate me to change my behavior, threaten me with camping. Just the mention of it has me gasping, clutching my invisible pearls and subtly shaking my head, “No.” To two chubby suburban eight year old girls, who were never big fans of physical exertion, Tough Love sounded like torture in the woods. My parents employed the time honored technique of, “Wait till your father gets home!”, so I had not heard of the horror that  was Tough Love. I asked my friend, Diana, if Tough Love was a real…

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