jenn mcclory, novelist

We were sitting at a stoplight on our way to The Peeshwank’s last day of kindergarten and subsequent “graduation” ceremony, of which much pomp and circumstance had been made, when the following exchange took place:

P: “Mommy?”

Me: “Yes, sweetie?”

P: “Are you gonna miss me next year?”

Me: “What?  Why?”  (Total confusion.)

P: “When I’m at Notre Dame.  Are you going to miss me?”

Me: “Baby, you’re not going to Notre Dame next year.”

P: “But they said we were graduating today.”

Me: “Yes, but it’s just from kindergarten.  Not from school altogether.  You’ve still got to go through first grade, second grade, all the way to twelfth grade.”

(He paused and I could see he was using his fingers to see how many years that was.)

P: “Well, this sucks.”

Congratulations to all graduates, both kindergarten and otherwise.

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