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Patterns exist all around us. Finding and interpreting them is most often a matter of close observation and creative, thoughtful documentation. In North Carolina’s Museum of Natural Sciences, Sosolimited and Plebian Design have found an interesting, engaging and quite beautiful way of using technology to demonstrate recurring patterns in nature.
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Patterned by Nature – Transparent pixels in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Some time ago Sosolimited and Plebian Design set out to create a large scale transparent LCD sculpture for a science museum atrium. Each pixel was designed as a piece of glass that could independently change the transparency of: from opaque black to transparent. The sculpture was designed to curve up through the atrium of the museum and display down-sampled patterns from nature, along with a high fidelity soundtrack. Almost two years later, its wonderful to see this project finally come to…

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To Kwa Wan Building

To Kwa Wan is a district right next to the Former Hong Kong Kai Tak International Airport. It’s my first visit to there. My first impression to the district is pretty much untouched since the early 90s. Buildings there remarks the era of that time.

Taking care of kids
Taking care of kids


It’s an old district. What does that mean? It’s full of retired/old residents. And occasionally I see Southeast Asians as well. Most of the people who lives there are below the poverty line. The district is very relaxed with not much going on around. No huge shopping malls whatsoever. And people hang out on the streets.

Napping at an auto repair garage
Napping at an auto repair garage

While To Kwa Wan is not as vibrant and full of energy like in Kowloon City, it still has its charm. There’s no Coffee cafe or Bistro. It’s full of Cantonese cafe. I’m sure there should be…

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jenn mcclory, novelist

We were sitting at a stoplight on our way to The Peeshwank’s last day of kindergarten and subsequent “graduation” ceremony, of which much pomp and circumstance had been made, when the following exchange took place:

P: “Mommy?”

Me: “Yes, sweetie?”

P: “Are you gonna miss me next year?”

Me: “What?  Why?”  (Total confusion.)

P: “When I’m at Notre Dame.  Are you going to miss me?”

Me: “Baby, you’re not going to Notre Dame next year.”

P: “But they said we were graduating today.”

Me: “Yes, but it’s just from kindergarten.  Not from school altogether.  You’ve still got to go through first grade, second grade, all the way to twelfth grade.”

(He paused and I could see he was using his fingers to see how many years that was.)

P: “Well, this sucks.”

Congratulations to all graduates, both kindergarten and otherwise.

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Beth Brousil Photography and Design

When I was about eight years old and my best friend’s mom would get mad at her, she would threaten to send her to “Tough Love”. Tough Love was supposedly a place where bad children were sent to learn discipline by way of extremely long hikes, sleep deprivation, and going to the bathroom outdoors -basically, camping. Even now if you want to motivate me to change my behavior, threaten me with camping. Just the mention of it has me gasping, clutching my invisible pearls and subtly shaking my head, “No.” To two chubby suburban eight year old girls, who were never big fans of physical exertion, Tough Love sounded like torture in the woods. My parents employed the time honored technique of, “Wait till your father gets home!”, so I had not heard of the horror that  was Tough Love. I asked my friend, Diana, if Tough Love was a real…

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